Chatting with the Twilight Actors

I spent the afternoon with cast members from Twilight Saga: New Moon. Although I have seen the movie, I won’t share my thoughts on that just yet. What I will share are some tidbits about the actors.

Courtesy of SummitRobert Pattinson. May as well start with him, right? Here’s the thing about RPatz: if he were any other bloke, you probably wouldn’t think twice about him. But since he plays one of the most romantic characters ever, we think he’s Edward Cullen. So I asked Rob what character traits he shares with his vampire alter-ego: “Stubborness in some ways; and he’s pretty self righteous; I get obsessive and posessive about things too.” (By this he explained that he’s very meticulous and likes to be in control: “I have ideas about how I want to be perceived,” he said. “That’s why I don’t have a publicist — I couldn’t stand it if someone told me what to do.”)

But back to my original point — if he weren’t this Edward Cullen-portraying actor, but worked at Dunkin Donuts and lived with his parents and three ferrets, would people obsess over him? Nope (at least not to this degree). And I’ve always had that perspective — he’s not Eddie C. But let me tell you this people: If Robert Pattinson looks you in the eye while he’s answering your silly question and smiles that broad teeth-revealing smile, you melt. And if you hold that gaze, you feel like you might combust or that your eyes and his eyes will reproduce. You’ll take a full order of Robert with a side of Pattinson. So now I get it — I get the mystique of the guy.

Here are some other things to file away in your Pattinson folder: He drinks Coca Cola — no diet for this trim chap. And when he drinks it, he tilts the bottle, never his head. His eyelashes are miles long. The most romantic thing he’s ever done? “I can’t think of a single romantic thing I’ve ever done. I put a flower in a girl’s locker when i was 14. and she thought it was someone else.” Wesley Snipes in Blade is one of his favorite movie vampires (although it took him a while to pick one). A 90-something-year-old woman recently gushed at him. “The older women say exactly the same thing as 12-year-old girls!” Robert said. New Moon is the Twilight book that he connected to the most. (Me too! But I was in a breakup phase then — was he too? He did say he’s never been heartbroken like Edward was.) He doesn’t think the Twilight series is just for girls — “I’ve watched Titanic and I didn’t think ‘This is a girls’ film.’” He thinks men can be romantic too, “unless you’re a complete idiot of a guy.” He has a movie slated to film next year opposite Rachel Weisz and Hugh Jackman (HELL-O!). Today he’s wearing a plaid shirt and Dolce & Gabbana leather bomber. He does a lot of boxing in his rare time off. Giant is one of his favorite movies. (Love that.)

Picture 3The Cullens. Representing were Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser. Between you and me, I’m not sure that Ashley and Nikki are besties. But Nikki and Elizabeth sure seem to get along famously! Ashley Greene is A-DORABLE. She addressed being in the lime-light — “You never know what someone’s going to write about you.” (Like here? Cuz maybe you and Nikki are actually such close friends that you try to downplay it? Nah, I’m sticking to my theory.) Kellan mentioned how “cool” the paparazzi are in Vancouver — that they just take a photo or two and leave them alone. (Not like this fierce L.A.-style of pap!) Rest assured — Nikki says that Rosalie will look much better in the films to come. When asked what question they are most frequently they asked, practically in unison, they answered, “Do you know Rob?”

Courtesy of SummitKristen Stewart. She’s exactly what you want someone her age (19) to be: self-conscious, somewhat inarticulate but with deep thoughts that she wants to do justice, very kind and honest. She’s a bit Bella Swan, actually. Today she wore a T-Shirt with trees on it, a black tuxedo blazer and skinny jeans. She’s petite. She wears lots of rings (today she had three on her right hand and one on her left index finger). And when she speaks, it’s easy to follow her train of thought, even though she gets derailed often. “What I love about New Moon,” she said, “is that you see this girl build herself back up. You believe in her. She grows up. I think Bella’s a great character for girls to look up to — not even look up — she’s normal. She’s awesome and she doesn’t know it. She’s confident but not arrogant.” For those Kristen haters out there — I say give the girl another chance. She’s real; she’s charming and the girl’s getting more and more talented as an actress. And on-screen she’s just plain pretty as Bella.

Kristen‘s reaction to being part of the Twilight phenomenon is also how you’d want her to accept it: “I’ve had the coolest two years — I’ve been so lucky.” And she’s funny — genuinely a witty girl. She shared a story about a fan on a recent trip to Brazil: “Me and Taylor went to Latin America. And this one persistent fella was yelling ‘Where is Hobert? Where is Hobert?’ He was so emotional.” (Alas, “Hobert,” aka Robert, was in Japan doing promotions for the movie.)

Re: Robert: “I get why [people] want to know more about us and they want us to be together and I have to sort of not think about it.” I walked away with the genuine impression that she and Robert Pattinson are not a couple. (Frankly, from the sound of it, it doesn’t seem like Rob has any free time to even consider a relationships right now.)

The Volturi. Now here’s a witty group of people. Michael Sheen plays Aro (you might recognize him from The Queen and Frost Nixon) and he’s a hilarious man. Jamie Campbell Bower and Cameron Bright are lesser known (Jamie plays Gellert Grindelwald in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows). And then of course Dakota Fanning plays Jane.  This teen has more poise than I could ever dream of possessing. She’s cool and calm but I guess that comes with working in the industry from such a young age. I was reminded that she’s still a high school junior by her jade green nail polish and groovy oversize snake ring.

The Wolves. These are the dudes (both on- and off-camera). It’s clear that Chaske Spencer, Alex Meraz, Kiowa Gordon and Tyson Houseman — who are all Native American — bonded during this movie. To get in their shirtless physique, they worked out with the trainer from 300, ate six meals and three protein shakes per day. “It was crucial to the bonding,” one of them noted. And what about those shirtless scenes? “Whatever puts the ladies into the seats to see the movie,” said Chaske,laughing.

Courtesy of SummitTaylor Lautner. Last but not least, Jacob Black. There’s a significant physical transformation with this teen. He worked out five days/week and ate every two hours. “I would have to carry baggies of beef patties, raw almonds and sweet potatoes,” he said. (I bet that smelled awesome.) Is he dating Taylor Swift? “You’ve seen every step of my life lately, so you make the decision for yourself.” Um, yes then? He wasn’t aware that pumas and cougars worldwide are counting down to his 18th birthday. Of his co-stars, he’s closest with Kristen Stewart.  And like Dakota, it’s almost creepy how comfortable he seems when all eyes are on him.

Check back on Nov. 17th, when I’ll recap the Los Angeles premiere of New Moon and on the 20th I’ll review the movie in the newsletter. Sign up now if you haven’t!


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  1. Anne says:

    Fabulous interview – love the deets on Robert’s little quirks like his coke-bottle-tilting!! Ahhh, I can’t wait to see this movie!

  2. Guzilover says:

    You met ROB?????????????????

  3. Taryn says:

    Trying to figure out how to forgive you for getting to do this…Likely I’ll be “trying” for a while…

  4. Kate says:

    Such a fun read–soo jealous of you!

  5. raphierose says:

    you have officially ruined my secret desire to hate them all!!!

    now I love them even more ;)

  6. Jane Owen says:

    To me Rob Patterson is just another pawn in the grand plan the Brits have to take back America Mwah ha ha ha

  7. soul man says:

    great interview! You almost made me love rob too…almost

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  9. sar says:

    listen to me meg. I do not understand why you have to carry on with all this “they’re not dating” crap. Why ruin it for everyone? How do you REALLY know this. If you tell me it’s because you + R Patz smooched, that’s the only way I’ll believe you. It’s hard enough getting out of bed in the morning, just let us think they’re doing it, ok??

  10. Meg says:

    Fine, it’s because he and I are together.

  11. DR says:

    “I would have to carry baggies of beef patties, raw almonds and sweet potatoes,”

    I’m going to try this – Thanks Meg

  12. Lauren says:

    Love your post meg, way to put your journalism skills to work. Impressive!

  13. hey, does anyone know the answer to question 4 on this quiz? im trying to get on edwards team and nothing i do works… :(

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