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Train New York Brings Innovative Accessories

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

by Shannon Farrell

Big and bulky is the main focus in today’s accessory industry. Dressing a little more casual and classic, we can make a statement with our jewelry. At this year’s international trade show, Train New York, we saw many innovative pieces. While they were all unique, they all upheld that current “bigger is better” philosophy.  Jules Kim

Jewelry has always accentuated certain parts of the body. Jules Kim, a jewelry designer, has designed products that accentuate traditional parts of the body as well as those forgotten spots. She’s designed bar rings for Urban Outfitters, along with the Grenade launcher – a necklace worn as a sling, and dangling cross earrings in the shape of bones. For less accentuated parts of the body, she has designed rings that wrap around the tip of the finger. Made of gold, this ring relieves the wearer of the hassle of painting her nails; it has a gold piece that sits over the nail. And Kim just sold an entire set to Beyonce!! Another innovative piece is the Gelfling ear tip in brass. It’s placed at the tip of the ear. 


Turning away from the innovative looks of the 21st century, Treehouse, a small shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, presented homemade goods that have a vintage look. A new collection sold in the stores is a group of necklaces and rings that are created through sterling silver molds of vintage medallions. The medallions, placed on chains with adjustable lengths or silver bands, are inspired by the medieval seventies. Each medallion is decorated with a zodiac sign symbol.

Another piece that caught my eye is the pair of hand and dagger earrings. The hand appears delicate and feminine while the dagger contrasts with its masculine medieval warrior look. It’s a great mix-and-match idea that combines the lady in waiting with the chivalrous knight of the medieval time period.

Cleo & Cat

This season brooches have been all the rage, placed on jackets and bags, adding a little glitz and glam. Cleo & Cat are sister designers that create unique jewelry made out of semi precious stones, clay, silver, gold, and other natural materials. Their pieces have a Middle Eastern feel to them, which made them stand out to me. Their brooches struck me as the most unique, coming in different shapes and sizes such as the Chrysolite Flower, which is made from clay with a chrysolite stone in the center and the Green Amethyst Coil, also made out of clay, with an amethyst stone.

Hats off to the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic!

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

by Lorelei Marfil

“The Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic is one of New York’s most glamorous annual daytime social events, and a part of the polo tradition is that women wear chic hats,” says Samantha Barnes, US Business Director, Veuve Clicquot at Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy. “This year we’ve teamed up with Ellen Christine, leading milliner to the stars, to get the women of New York “hat ready.” We encourage women to don their “most daring hat” and Ellen Christine is helping to make that possible for all of the women attending the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic.”

A former freelance stylist and costumer, Ellen Christine‘s hat designing skills earned her notable celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce Knowles and Rebecca Romjin as clients. “We had the privilege of making Ivanka a few cloches,” said Ellen Christine, designer. ”Harrison Ford came in for a hat for his lovely lady, and bought one for himself. There’s nothing in the worldlike doing a fitting with Harrison Ford, as far as I’m concerned.”

With Old World Paris as her greatest inspirational source, Ellen Christine continues to design her collections with care. “The wonderful thing about making hats is that they aren’t ball gowns: make it, get over it, and get on to the next one,” she said. “Everything is a work in progress, and everything inspires the next piece. Sometimes it’s 5 minutes with a piece of fabric (draping is my forte), and sometimes it’s weeks and months to work out the proportions I truly want.”

The most popular style by far, the cloche. “Vogue has included us in two iconic editorial shoots: one, the famous 2007 September issue, and this May’s issue, where they underscored American style,” said Ellen Christine. “The cloche is the one style that hat virgins aren’t afraid of and every generation can wear in one shape or another.”

Christine believes that attendees should embrace their spectator style and bring it onto the polo field. “We should put our best American fashion foot forward and show the world how it’s done,” said Ellen Christine. “Classic, on trend or eccentric, style varies according to the wearer. Not too naked, not too casual, not too boring. That being said, take any simple frock and add the right hat, and it’s instant presto-change-o, so look to a hat to add the exclamation point.”

Ellen Christine Millinery
255 West 18th Street
New York City 10011
(212) 242-2457

Lorelei Marfil is an editor and style maven based in New York City and is the creative force behind InsideMyCloset.

Alice In Wonderland Inspired Fashion And Accessories

Friday, February 26th, 2010

By Jenna

The highly anticipated Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland is almost here. Johnny Depp isn’t the only thing to take notice of (even though we love him and will always have our eye on that magnificent man).  And what would any classic Disney movie be without merchandise? These designers have made some very chic collections inspired from Alice in Wonderland that range from tea sets, to fashion, to jewelry.

Have a looksie:

• Tom Binns for Disney Couture – Available at Bloomingdales and Macy’s in March 2010

• Disney & Swarovski Alice in Wonderland Jewelry – Available at & Stores February, 2010

  • -Stella McCartney for Disney – Available at Stella McCartney Stores, February 2010

• Sue Wong for Walt Disney Signature – Available at Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom’s, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s &, March 2010

• Abby Dawn for Disney –Available at Kohl’s in March 2010

• Hot Topic Alice in Wonderland Line – Available at Hot Topic stores (available now) If you’re thinking this line may be a little dark, ::cough cough CNN:: take another look. I was pleasently surprised at how cute the apparel is. Not only are the clothes cute, certain Hot Topic stores have transformed into mini wonderlands so take a trip to an actual store.

• Urban Decay’s Alice In Wonderland Book of Shadows – Available at Sephora, ULTA, Macy’s, (now available)

• Alice in Wonderland Tea Set – Available at Bloomingdales, March 2010

• Collectible Action Figures – Available online & specialty stores, March 2010OPI Alice In Wonderland Nail Polish – Available now at Salons

Rodarte for Target Available Sunday!

Friday, December 18th, 2009

You read it here! The GO International Rodarte items go online at midnight EST on so set your clocks for Saturday night to start shopping! Prices range from $10 to $80, so you can get the Mulleavy sisters’ designs for a great price. Here are some of the key looks that I’ll be scrambling to buy before it’s all sold out!RodarteScreenHunter_10 Dec. 18 14.41ScreenHunter_11 Dec. 18 14.41ScreenHunter_12 Dec. 18 14.41

Fall Boots: These Boots Were Made for Walking… During the Day, at Night, and in the Rain

Monday, October 19th, 2009
saratoga slouch with studs courtesy of

saratoga slouch with studs courtesy of

alexander wang kim tall boot courtesy of

alexander wang kim tall boot courtesy of

I’m in what I can only describe as a fall boot conundrum. When you’re living in New York City, and it’s mid October, and you’re not made of money, what should be a very exciting fashion moment– the choosing of fall boots– turns daunting and frustrating fast.  Here’s the thing, I’m too short for over the knee boots– I would look ridiculous in them. So those are eliminated. But I definitely want boots up to my knee. Because I’m short, I prefer a heel (on nearly every pair of shoes I wear, and I prefer that heel to start around 4 inches!). Living in NYC,  I can’t walk around all day long in a heel- I’ll ruin the shoes, and my feet! Practically speaking, a heel must be reserved for night. This leaves a need for: a tall leather fall boot to walk around in (I’m not caught dead in my Uggs unless it’s a morning walk with my dog), and a tall leather boot to hit the town in at night. Also, you can’t forget a cute rain boot, NYC will pour on you without a moment’s notice.

Because I’m not rolling in dough (my recent move from the west coast to the east really didn’t help financial matters) I’m going to have to break my purchases down via splurge or save– I usually do this by finding the look I’d die for no matter the price, then finding its closest, more practical sister. (more…)

Obsessed: Atomic 9 Headphones

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

I have squandered so much money on T-Mobile and their useless headphones. I love my Blackberry. I hate their headphones – they suck. It’s a slow deterioration: first the foam comes off one of the ear buds; then the second; then the plastic that’s left goes; and I’m stuck with metal ear buds that if I try to use them, I get shocked. But I’ll risk it until the inner part of the bud falls out and it’s just exposed wire. This little process has happened on the last four pairs of crap ear phones I’ve bought. And each time I then have to illegally use my speaker phone when I’m driving because you can’t hold a phone, per California law (oh and you better believe it that they’ll ticket you!). Plus, I drive with my windows down, so no one can hear me – they just hear the whoosh of L.A. traffic. But I refuse to go back to T-Mobile and drop another 20 bucks on something that will shock me and then die within two weeks of buying it.

Atomic9 Skull Headphones

Atomic9 Skull Headphones

And here goes the happy ending of my story: One of my fairy godmothers just gave me the best gift ever: Atomic 9 headphones.  I cannot tell you how much I love these things. First of all, they’re super-turbo amazing when it comes to sound – they block out ambient noise when I’m wearing them and whoever I’m talking to says it sounds like I’m in the same room. But they’re also uber cute: they come in a variety of Swarovski-blinged buds. I have skulls and the little slide thingy that holds the cords together is a little crossbones.   There are also fashionable cats, pandas, dragons and more. Plus they work in my BBerry, iPod, computer and anything else I want to listen to. And guess what? They’re only $40, which is a lot less than I’ve invested in the cost-two-cents-to-produce pieces of crap I’ve been using.