Bad Never Looked So Good

Sure, the princes are charming and the princesses are beautiful, but everyone’s favorite Disney fairytales wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without their venomous villains, which is why we’re so stoked for M·A·C and Disney’s collaboration, featuring four separate mini-collections celebrating the dark side in all of us. The products, which range from eyeshadows and lipstick to powders and nail lacquers, are inspired by the three most infamous of Disney’s Dark Ladies—Cruella de Vil, Snow White’s Evil Queen and Sleeping Beauty’s  Maleficent—and the newest frosty foe to be welcomed into Disney’s vault of villains, the dastardly Dr. Facilier. So come Thursday, September 30, be sure to pick up MAC Venomous Villains at the counter or online and you’re guaranteed to be the fairest one of all.

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  1. Marie says:

    I was a “DRC Disney” Princess, for ten years! I know all about this, from the inside/out! I love to be creative with make-up and fashion, it’s the artist in me. Now, that I’m forty, I’ve find myself on the darkside too! Ha ha ha

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