Take Care Of Yourself Because It Makes You Happy

January 26th, 2011


by Liz Franz

If you subscribe to W magazine and/or have the February 2011 issue handy, I encourage you to step away from my blog and go devour the article on page 90, which shares the title of one of my favorite novels from childhood: A Wrinkle In Time. Just don’t forget to come back, please.

If you’re not, or don’t, here’s the gist: the always clever and amusing Sloane Crosley—author of “I Was Told There’d Be Cake” and “How Did You Get This Number”—weighs in on Japanese skin care company SK-II’s discovery that the actual age women really start to lose our looks is 35.09.

Yeah, you read that right.

But if you need the information run by you again in order for it to register, SK-II says they’ve got scientific evidence that our beauty goes into rapid deterioration mode about a month after the day we turn 35.

It seems we have a Skin Power Quotient (SPQ), which indicates our skin’s ability to bounce back from various forms of stress. To spare you from all the science-speak, I’ll simplify—skin in its 20s has an SPQ of 3 (usually) while skin in its 40s has an SPQ of 2. The point at which we, on average, go from a 3 to a 2 is age 35.09, so they say. The scientists at SK-II, I mean.

You can’t see my eyes rolling as I write, so I’ll come right out and say it: scientific as its supporting evidence may or may not be (scare tactic marketing is best taken with a grain of salt, I always say) I maintain a steadfast position with regard to this wholly morbid revelation.

I think it’s ridiculous.

For what it’s worth, I’m actually a huge fan of SK-II’s products—and keeping in mind the fact I’ve been privileged enough to try just about every beauty brand under the sun, that’s saying something. SK-II is widely known for their results, which is why women like their formulas so much. Even Cate Blanchett swears by SK-II, and I am inclined to accept beauty advice from Cate Blanchett. But honestly, I’m a proponent of cutting-edge skin care in all its forms. I’d have no qualms looking you dead in the eye and telling you that, no, your drug store eye cream is not on par with those offered by certain medical and prestige brands, and that, yes, retinol products will change your skin. That’s not what this is about, though.

For eons, men have been deemed by society the gracefully aging ones, developing a “distinguished” look as the years pass, growing all the more attractive and charming with every newly grey (excuse me, silver) hair and emerging laugh line.

Women, on the other hand, are plagued with the prospect of a shelf-life—for lack of a less barbaric way of putting it—and conditioned to treasure our youth while lusting after the much-more-youthful youth of days gone by. Oh, to be 21 again! And now this? A time-sensitive warning? Seriously?

Now, I admit I may not be in the best place to run my mouth, as I’ve still got four years and 18 days until my dewy good looks will purportedly spoil like a jug of sour milk. But I believe that taking care of yourself—exercising, eating healthily, having fun, committing to an appropriate skin care routine and giving in to the cosmetic surgery itch, if that’s your thing—pays its dividends in many ways, looking great being only one of them. Take Demi Moore. She’s always been gorgeous, and it seems like she just keeps getting hotter. She’s clearly had work done. She also married a 27 year old at the age of 42, which, if you ask me, warrants an emphatic high five. But I digress.

What I mean to convey is simple.

If there’s no merit to what the scientists at SK-II say, then, well, we can all carry on with our lives. Similarly, if there is any merit to what the scientists at SK-II say … we can still all carry on with our lives. What difference does it make? While you’re worrying about it, consider the fact that many people believe the world will come to an end in 2012. Maybe it will. Nobody knows for sure. It could end tomorrow!

So, should we all just run around like wild, gluttonous animals, rack up mountains of credit card debt, and commit to making heaps of fun/bad decisions we’d surely regret, should we live to see the light of day in 2013? No, I don’t think so. Should we do our best to live our lives to the fullest every day, though, just in case? Probably.  Likewise, we should neither subscribe to this shelf-life nonsense, living in fear of our own personal apocalypse and believing every piece of marketing hype thrown our way, nor throw our hands up in defeat and give up on our looks. We should just keep on keepin’ on.

With that in mind, I leave you, lovely readers, with this: have a good time, and do whatever you need to do to take care of your face and body. Not because you’re afraid, not because some man in a lab coat in Japan says you must, not even because you feel it may boost your chances of marrying a man 15 years your junior. Take care of yourself because it makes you happy.

Have A Sense Of Humor About Jeggings

January 11th, 2011
conan in jeggings

flickr user KORAREEFi

by Jake Kilroy

I am a straight male and I can honestly tell you that nobody looked better in jeggings last year than Conan O’Brien.

And it was because he laughed while wearing them. Jeggings go great with a sense of humor.

I’ll explain.

Somehow, in recent months, jeggings have crept into society like a stowaway on a luxury cruise.

Girls inside of jeggings need to know how baffling the clothing item is to boys on the outside. Jeggings are essentially “hilarity pants” to guys. We know that they serve an actual clothing purpose, but we can’t figure out if they’re novelty or not. This makes us uneasy. We like to know what’s supposed to be satire and what’s supposed to be art. Whether jeggings are either of those comes down to a fierce debate that will not be happening in this blog.

Instead, it should just be noted jeggings are jeans in the same way that tuxedo shirts are tuxedos. Can you replace one with the other? Sure, but somebody might think you were misinformed about the party dress code, and you’d probably freeze because of it.

And then comes the lofty explanation, “But they’re just like stretchy jeans!”

Consider this: if ‘stretchy jeans’ is part of your fashion defense, maybe you’re already in the wrong.

Ponchos are not Christmas sweaters, oversized business shirts are not dresses and jeggings are not jeans. Can each of those things be the other? Totally. Are they usually considered that way? No, not especially.

Also, if you’re claiming your leggings are jeans, then jeggings are just one more female fashion item that males somewhat grasp but grow wildly suspicious of. Hell, if you’re lying about something as mundane as your pants, what else could you be lying about?

The answer is “everything.”

Men accept jeans and men accept leggings (which we think are the same thing as tights most of the time). But jeggings are like a skintight lie. We feel tricked.

To males, jeggings are like a coat pocket that doesn’t actually go anywhere. Instead of musing on how cool the pocket looks, men talk about how we were fooled and then we grow furious about all of the cool things we could’ve stuffed into said pocket. We don’t say, “But it looks awesome.” No, instead, we say, “Dude, I could have a flask in here.” And we might not even own a flask either. But we also talk a lot about really cool things we wish we owned.

Dudes just don’t like being bamboozled.

I don’t know if girls think jeggings are a conversation starter, but, if that’s what you ladies are looking for, then expect the conversation to start off with “What the hell is with your pants? Why don’t they make up their mind?”

In all actuality, the only person who truly rocks indecisive clothing is Two-Face from Batman and he only started doing it after he had acid thrown in his face. So…maybe consider that.

However, jeggings are absolutely not a bad deal. They just can’t be easily categorized.

I was at a holiday party where jeggings made their appearance. When the guys present discussed the jeggings as if they were alien machines and could be valued as a deadly trap, the girls laughed, as they seemed to have heard this all before. What was their defense though?

“But they’re so practical! They’re basically leggings with pockets,” they informed us.

And this put the men at ease. It made so much sense! I mean, guys understand practicality. That’s why we like James Bond’s gadgets. Why would anyone not want a watch that also has a laser? Who hates convenience that much?

In conclusion, if you’re going to wear jeggings, have a sense of humor. We, as a collective dude species, are not against them. We’re open to them and, deep down, we’re probably very much for them.

Why? Because they make awesome butts look awesome.

So, really, I should say thank you, jeggings, for all the hearty laughs and awesome butts.

About the author:

Contrary to popular belief, Jake Kilroy was not raised by handsome wolves. Instead, he was raised by his nuclear family to lead a radioactive life in Orange County, California. He still resides there, though he skips town regularly. You may know him from fancy dinner parties in your area. He’s often the only one to bring licorice to such gala events. He is also an award-winning reporter and columnist.

Holiday Gift Ideas Inspired by Fashion Week 2010

November 16th, 2010

Source: Flickr User paulstarpics

When you’re searching for the perfect holiday gift to give your favorite beauty maven, staying up-to-date on the latest trends is essential. After all, you don’t want the shame of handing over last season’s lipstick shade, do you? Talk about a fashion faux pas! To help you suss out the 2011 runway trends, here’s a look at three of the looks sure to be seen come spring.

Visions of Sugarplum
From soft lavender to electric violet, purple makeup dominated the runways during fashion week 2010. Whether it was worn on the lips, cheeks, or eyes, shades of purple added a fresh burst of color to the new looks of fashion icons like Jason Wu and Monique Lhuillier.

If plum doesn’t do it for you, why not try 2011′s must-have metallic? Glimmering gold donned the eyes, lips, and even eyelashes at the Fashion Week shows of Donna Karan, Anna Sui, and Rodarte. Shimmering shades of gold are perfect for the holidays, and will give your spring look a burst of sunny radiance.

Perfect Pair Gift Idea: CARGO’s Color Palette in London offers shades of champagne-gold and deep eggplant, as well as complimentary shades of mocha and greenish-brown. Pair it with a silky black liquid eyeliner for an eye-enhancing gift that can’t be beat!

Hairy Situations
The side part is back and better than ever. Shows by Badgley Mischka, Carolina Herrera, Diane Von Furstenberg, Marc by Marc, and Michael Kors were walked by models sporting deep, exaggerated side parts in hairstyles that ranged from straight and sleek to full of body. This season’s messy hair trend goes along perfectly with the side parts spotted during Fashion Week, making a dynamic styling duo that’s both stylish and easy to achieve.

Perfect Pair Gift Idea: Mason Pearson’s Styling Comb coupled with a texturizing paste like Jonathan Product’s Dirt is an excellent holiday gift idea for your favorite stylist-in-training. The pomade will create a perfectly messy texture while the comb helps to separate, texturize, and shape a flawless side part.

Read My Lips
Vibrant coral to neon orange lips, like the looks seen at L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2010, are sweeping the fashion and beauty world as the “it” look for 2011. Bright, impossible-to-ignore lip shades look especially fabulous when worn to accompany this season’s 1970s fashion trend.

Perfect Pair Gift Idea: 3 Custom Color’s Light Brights lipstick in Area Sheer is a sexily sheer shade of electric tangerine. Formulated with a silky, lip balm-like texture, Light Brights is a great way to ease into 2011′s neon lip trend without feeling too over-the-top. Pair it with a fabulous purse mirror, like Paul and Joe Beaute’s Beauty Mirror, for simple and stylish on-the-go application.

Train New York Brings Innovative Accessories

November 10th, 2010

by Shannon Farrell

Big and bulky is the main focus in today’s accessory industry. Dressing a little more casual and classic, we can make a statement with our jewelry. At this year’s international trade show, Train New York, we saw many innovative pieces. While they were all unique, they all upheld that current “bigger is better” philosophy.  Jules Kim

Jewelry has always accentuated certain parts of the body. Jules Kim, a jewelry designer, has designed products that accentuate traditional parts of the body as well as those forgotten spots. She’s designed bar rings for Urban Outfitters, along with the Grenade launcher – a necklace worn as a sling, and dangling cross earrings in the shape of bones. For less accentuated parts of the body, she has designed rings that wrap around the tip of the finger. Made of gold, this ring relieves the wearer of the hassle of painting her nails; it has a gold piece that sits over the nail. And Kim just sold an entire set to Beyonce!! Another innovative piece is the Gelfling ear tip in brass. It’s placed at the tip of the ear. 


Turning away from the innovative looks of the 21st century, Treehouse, a small shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, presented homemade goods that have a vintage look. A new collection sold in the stores is a group of necklaces and rings that are created through sterling silver molds of vintage medallions. The medallions, placed on chains with adjustable lengths or silver bands, are inspired by the medieval seventies. Each medallion is decorated with a zodiac sign symbol.

Another piece that caught my eye is the pair of hand and dagger earrings. The hand appears delicate and feminine while the dagger contrasts with its masculine medieval warrior look. It’s a great mix-and-match idea that combines the lady in waiting with the chivalrous knight of the medieval time period.

Cleo & Cat

This season brooches have been all the rage, placed on jackets and bags, adding a little glitz and glam. Cleo & Cat are sister designers that create unique jewelry made out of semi precious stones, clay, silver, gold, and other natural materials. Their pieces have a Middle Eastern feel to them, which made them stand out to me. Their brooches struck me as the most unique, coming in different shapes and sizes such as the Chrysolite Flower, which is made from clay with a chrysolite stone in the center and the Green Amethyst Coil, also made out of clay, with an amethyst stone.

Our Fave Beauty E-Tailer Just Got Better: Congrats DermStore!

October 6th, 2010

What’s better than shopping for beauty products online? Nothing, except shopping for beauty products at DermStore. We’re thrilled to announce some stellar news regarding our favorite e-tailer: they now carry more than 500 brands AND have captured the attention of more than 220 media outlets. Best of all, they’re extending a special promotion for the next 24 hours: a gift card worth $15, good on any DermStore purchase of $100 or more. Just enter code CELEBRATE at checkout and you’re good to go. Take advantage of this awesome deal and let us know what you buy!

A Detox Excursion at We Care Spa

September 30th, 2010
By Jenna

Every once in a while you will experience something that will change your life. Not because it just happens, but because it’s meant to happen. That’s what We Care Spa is dedicated to: helping you change your life by teaching you and helping you eliminate toxins and chemicals through a 6-step solution of detoxing. (Don’t let that word shy you away.) What they are doing is educating you on how to listen to your body and understand what kind of stress you put it through, making you feel and look better in everyday life. It’s no wonder why celebrities flock here to take advantage of We Care Spa’s detoxing methods.  I was lucky enough to take part in the juice fasting and activities at We Care Spa in Palm Springs for just one day—and I got a very mind opening and relaxing experience. Why? Because in a world of fast food, you need to give your body a break to detox and revitalize mind, body and spirit.

What it is

We Care Spa is a 60-acre spiritual retreat located about 10 minutes from Palm Springs Airport. Their program has been carefully refined—and in action helping guests—for over 25 years. They stress that additives, preservatives, and toxic chemicals found in every breath, beauty product, bite and drink you take will start to affect your body, preventing it from functioning properly.  They treat the symptoms of digestive toxicity such as bloating, constipation, painful swelling of joints, tiredness, low energy, depression, lack of clarity, skin breakouts and rashes. They incorporate the notion of juice fasting in the desert to achieve total mental and physical clarity. We Care Spa is surrounded by gorgeous desert scenery and equipped with ancient Indian practices, medicine wheels, Jacuzzis, saunas, a labyrinth and relaxing tools. They also have full-service spa treatments, which I can assure you are more than anyone could ask for.

The 6-step program to help you feel and look better:

  1. 1. Stop eating solid foods and embark on a juice fast.
  2. 2. Use the energy you’ve freed up from digesting foods to release toxins by powering up the 5 organs of elimination.
  3. 3. Use colon hydrotherapy to flush out the toxic waste– you know what I’m talking about.
  4. 4. Add therapeutic treatments to support the body – massages and spa treatments.
  5. 5. Mix in educational classes that are designed to build your character and detox your thinking.
  6. 6. Experience the work of healers to detox your psyche and spirit.

What the experience is like

If you’re like me, when someone says detox, you want to run far away because last weekend you weren’t very nice to your liver. After taking a class from the founder/guru herself Susana Belen about detox and revitalizing yourself, I was put at ease. Ok, maybe it isn’t that bad. Maybe taking one day a week to cleanse isn’t so hard to do. Next was my favorite part, a thai massage, which was just what the doctor ordered, followed by a tour of the property. The treatment rooms and resort as a whole is very rustic mixed with ancient native America mixed with naturalist qualities. Every amenity has a specific function to help you. Unexpectedly, the desert really is the perfect oasis and environment. Last we enjoyed a good old-fashioned cooking lesson from Susana. Not traditional cooking! This involved education about what cooking tools are classified as safe to use and everything you can make with a high powered magic blender. This wonder machine literally made milk from almonds and sunflower seeds. With this, you’re making all of your own meals, dressings and anything else all with an easy button and natural substitutes. After fasting all day and exploring different detox methods, a little solid food and delicious salad was the perfect way to end the day.

The real lesson to take away from We Care Spa is that we were meant to live with nature and eat what nature provides you. Things that we think of as convenient like fast and pre-packaged food, not to mention our fast-paced lifestyles, will eventually break our bodies down and harm us. It’s not a matter of “will it happen?” but a matter of when. Cancer didn’t just come out of nowhere. We created it, but thankfully there are places like We Care Spa that will help us tune up our bodies. Changing your life style is right around the corner. If the benefits outweigh the bad, then why not?

Fashion Week Brings Trends We Can Actually Wear

September 29th, 2010

by Shannon Farrell

Fashion Week can always be a little frustrating for us common folk. I personally love to look at what designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Marc Jacobs come up with, but I know there is no way I can actually wear any of it. However, Spring 2011’s fashion week brought some incredible looks anyone can play with and look great wearing. Take a look at some of these designer collections that offered a little bit of everything.

Michael Kors

We all know that it is physically impossible for pants these days to get any skinnier—so it came as no surprise when Kors and other designers came out with wide slacks on their runways. In New York, Michael Kors’ slacks were sleek and appeared comfortable—not over-the-top. Who wouldn’t trade their jeggings for a pair of these any day? In a neutral color, these slacks would be great for a day at the office or a comfortable afternoon at the market square. Add a thin belt and clutch and you are ready to go.

Burberry Prorsum

Burberry is well known for its reinvention of the trench coat—and their Spring 2011 collection in London featured their famous coats. However, they added a little innovation to them with the addition of vertical stripes and assorted belts. Although embellished, the coats are still appropriate for everyday use and will bring the perfect amount of pizzazz  to an otherwise simple cardigan or flowery dress.

Isaac Mizrahi

It is no surprise that many of last week’s shows included embellished clothing, and Isaac Mizrahi presented this embellished look perfectly in New York on September 16. This sequined neckline and “tie” on a simple woven top was the perfect blend of adding a little spontaneity and flare to a simple look. Can we dare wear this? With Mizrahi’s inspiration, I think we can.

Alberta Ferretti

Although we are about to put those sandals away for winter, Alberta Ferretti showed us what to look forward to after snow’s end. The show in Milan featured simple sandals with straps just above the toes and other straps wrapped around the ankle. Comfortable and yet so chic, this look is sure to make an impact next year.


Fendi’s runway show in Milan on September 23 featured vintage accessories. This handbag pictured below has that 60s boxed silhouette. The mix of baby blue and forest green recreates that flower girl look and is a smart choice for a spring color palette. Another vintage accessory to look forward to next spring: cat eye glasses! They appeared in almost all of the looks in the collection. For those who purchased them for this season, don’t forget to store them in a safe place this winter.

Folded Fashion

September 28th, 2010

Clark Russell, Dominique Schurman, Nadia Alexandria and Rami Kashou at the unveiling

Fashion’s Night Out in L.A. featured a myriad of memorable moments (think Ferris Wheel on Rodeo Drive), but Rami Kashoú (that’s right, one of our fave Project Runway finalists) stole the show at the Beverly Center when he unveiled an Origami Paper Couture Gown made entirely out of Papyrus greeting cards and paper goods. The talented designer’s created tons of to-die-for dresses for red carpet celebs from Jessica Alba to Penelope Cruz, and this groundbreaking design was no different. Modeled by Nadia Alexandria who had her hair and makeup done by celeb stylist Clark Russell, the dramatic, fairytale-like flamenco gown exuded a sense of life and celebration and was “the first of many illustrious displays of Fashion on Paper the public can anticipate in upcoming months,” said Papyrus CEO Dominique Schurman. This unprecedented alliance between Rami and Papyrus became an instant FNO favorite when thousands of FNO attendees lined up to view the dress and pick up specially signed Papyrus-made limited edition prints of the design from Rami himself. Read on for our interview with the acclaimed designer:

How did this partnership with Papyrus come about?

I got a call from Dominique one day asking me if I would be interested in working with her on this project. I felt honored to have the opportunity to work with Papyrus products on such a creative project as I have always been a fan of their cards and merchandise.

Where did you start from in your vision of creating the origami dress, and what was the process like?

After meeting with the creative team at Papyrus I went home with my mind racing with design ideas. I wanted to create a cerebral design full of color and life. I began sketching and testing some of their paper materials in my studio and one design idea lead to another. With time as I was working on the design it gradated from an evening gown to a collage of images and origami art piece. I used their cards and and cut out images from them, creating flounces, lined with their beautiful gift wrapping paper. I used their colorful envelope linings and created origami flowers, butterflies and hummingbirds. I also applied their sparkling gift bags and other materials all around the gown that gave the design a life and a 3-dimensional angle. In the end I pieced together an origami flamenco one-shoulder vibrant evening gown full of detail and explosive in color.

What was your inspiration for the gown?

My inspiration was an origami 3-dimensional flamenco gown that is full of color and detail, a gown made entirely of Papyrus paper products that was fairy tale like and that encouraged the viewer to imagine without limitation.

How long did it take to make the dress?

3 weeks. Lots of sewing and cutting!

You’re most known for your beautiful draping, but with origami and paper, that’s a bit more difficult; did that play a factor in your creation of this gown?

I love to drape, but I also love to construct and create architectural shapes and lines. The origami was the perfect skill to learn and apply on such a creative and artistic project, so that was an instant inspiration for me.

What was the most difficult part of creating this gown?

As you can see the skirt has over 20 flounces made entirely out of Papyrus paper collage. Each flounce alone took me one hour to make, from start to finish. The most challenging part of this process was sewing the skirt part of the gown. The paper is very delicate, and for those who know sewing, a machine usually doesn’t allow a lot of space to maneuver such a large garment. It was difficult to control and slide all the paper through the needle, but with a lot of patience and many hours later, the hard work paid off.

What was your favorite part about making the dress?

I enjoyed very much the freedom to try new ideas and not plan so much. It was a free flowing process that I think surprised me in the end result. I also enjoyed the fact that the Papyrus team trusted my creative intuition and gave me complete freedom to translate their products into my design.

Any fun behind-the-scenes anecdotes about the making of the dress or fitting Nadia into it?

Well many of the Papyrus cards and bags have an endless amount of glitter. Therefore by the end of every workday I would go home completely covered in glitter, as though I was at some type of rave or parade. My friends used to make fun of me. Nadia was a pleasure to work with. She is beautiful and made the fitting process so easy, not to mention how proudly she showcased the gown at the event!

On Project Runway, the judges praised you for your design for the challenge where you had to create a dress made out of candy wrappers. How was your approach to this dress different/did this remind you of that challenge in any way?

It certainly was some kind of  ”déjà vu.” The best way to answer this question is it was like the Hershey’s challenge times 20! I think this gown is much more advanced and complicated than the design for the Hershey’s challenge.

Are there any other materials you haven’t worked with yet that you’d like to use?

I would like to work with vinyl and rubber.

What are you currently working on?

Currently I am working on a dreamy and angelic wedding gown for Papyrus also made out of their paper products. I am also designing dance costumes for the Helios Dance Theatre. Also I am designing wedding gowns for soon-to-be bride clients. My collection also.

Any new Fall trends you’re looking forward to?

Super constructed clothes.

If you could design a greeting card for Papyrus, what would it look like/say?

It would be an inspired design/sewing kit for those who love fashion.

Did you get a chance to enjoy any of the other festivities at FNO?

I had such a blast at the Papyrus event that I stayed there the whole time :)

[photo credit: Gina Blair]

Backstage Secrets: Behind the Scenes with Koh Gen Do

September 28th, 2010

Your best accessory is your makeup; it also happens to be the best accessory for your other accessories. We discovered this fact at accessories designer Monique Péan’s collection presentation September 14 during NY Fashion Week, where celeb makeup artist Daniel Martin let us in on his secret for achieving the luminous sun-kissed glow he created as a perfect backdrop for the show’s jewelry pieces. His secret weapon also happens to be one of Japan’s best kept secrets: Koh Gen Do Cosmetics, an integrated skin care and makeup line that uses plant extracts and other natural ingredients derived from Japanese and Chinese herbs so you glow with radiant beauty.

“The texture, tone and luminosity of the skin must perfectly compliment and frame the jewelry,” Daniel said. “But the makeup look also depicts the designer’s muse and helps bring her to life.” Monique’s inspiration this time happened to be from her recent trip to French Polynesia. Here’s how Daniel used this to create a fresh and modern look:

To sculpt the face and create dimension, Daniel used Koh Gen Do’s Fresh Face Caramel Bronze to highlight areas the sun might not normally affect. The powder soothes and smoothes your skin with a long-lasting, and natural shade. He added a subtle shading in sand to the eyes to add depth but not sheen in order to balance the models’ hairstyles. Finally, to top off the look, Daniel chose a nude lip and applied Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Juicy Beige Lip Gloss to the center for a full and healthily moisturized pout. To try out these expert tips and tricks yourself, pick up some Koh Gen Do products on their site or at Barneys!

Bad Never Looked So Good

September 21st, 2010

Sure, the princes are charming and the princesses are beautiful, but everyone’s favorite Disney fairytales wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without their venomous villains, which is why we’re so stoked for M·A·C and Disney’s collaboration, featuring four separate mini-collections celebrating the dark side in all of us. The products, which range from eyeshadows and lipstick to powders and nail lacquers, are inspired by the three most infamous of Disney’s Dark Ladies—Cruella de Vil, Snow White’s Evil Queen and Sleeping Beauty’s  Maleficent—and the newest frosty foe to be welcomed into Disney’s vault of villains, the dastardly Dr. Facilier. So come Thursday, September 30, be sure to pick up MAC Venomous Villains at the counter or online and you’re guaranteed to be the fairest one of all.